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Revotech Networks Ltd. is an IT Solutions Partner located in Vancouver BC, Canada. We offer IT solutions and support to customers in the greater Vancouver Area. With expertise in Microsoft platforms, as well as Linux and Mac OSX and over 15 years experience in the IT industry, Revotech Networks is dedicated to offering our clients top quality service and products. We take pride in the solutions we offer our customers. The greatest compliment a client can give us is to recommend our services.

Revotech Networks Ltd. offers a wide range of IT services from onsite service to remote support and managed service solutions. This allows clients to choose the support path that best suits their company’s needs. Supporting many different sized companies from small to enterprise level over the past 12 years Revotech Networks has the experience and expertise needed to ensure things run smoothly. Allowing our clients to focus on doing business.

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Revotech Networks is dedicated to providing our clients with IT solutions that work and grow with them for years to come. This philosophy helps save money in the long run instead of replacing equipment constantly. Far too often IT solutions are not well thought out and while possibly solving the problem at hand, require replacement due to growth or quality within a very short time frame. Revotech Networks takes pride in providing solutions that will last and be able to accommodate growth without the need for replacement.

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