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John Yensen, President

As the owner and founder of Revotech Networks, John Yensen spearheads the company’s vision to bring all-inclusive managed services with world class information technology expertise to small and medium sized organizations in British Columbia. He is an IT industry veteran, with many years in management positions, as well as hands-on experience working in the field.

Since John was old enough to sit up, he was surrounded by technology. From watching his father assemble Sage Computers back in the 80s to playing video games on his father’s Commodore Amiga A1000 computer he always had a passion for technology. John got his first job in tech at the age of 13 as a graphic designer and later moved into web design. He went on to study information technology and computer networking at John’s Hopkins University. JHU offered John a job when he graduated, and an opportunity to work side by side with some of the top engineers at John’s Hopkins. Moving from academia into the construction and development sector, John headed up the Managed Services program at an ERP construction software provider and went on to work as IT Director for one of the largest home builders on the east coast before starting his first consulting company.

John relocated to Vancouver in 2008 and started Revotech Networks to provide outstanding customer service and support to companies in the greater Vancouver area, having grown tired of working with service providers and vendors who did not value customer service and relationships. He is constantly working to improve Revotech’s client experience and deliver on a long-held promise to be part of every client’s success. John currently holds certifications from Microsoft, VMware, Datto and other industry leaders and is proud to run a business that he would like to be a customer of himself.

John has many passions beyond technology, including music, aviation, and food. If he is not out flying or building FPV drones, he is likely playing piano or having a BBQ cook-off with Chris.

Chris O'Hearn, Chief Technical Officer

Chris O’Hearn joined Revotech Networks in 2014 after many years of experience working in the IT field. His passion for technology started at a young age with building hobby gaming computers in his home. His career in IT Services started at the age of fifteen, where he worked as a service technician at an engineering firm in Mobile, Alabama. He briefly transitioned into Home Theater and Automation before his interest returned to IT Services. He started his own IT Services company in 2009 which he operated in Mobile until his move to Vancouver in 2012. Chris then worked at a local Managed Services Provider for a year where he had exposure to the SMB space in the Greater Vancouver Area. He had a chance meeting with John at a poker game, after which the two partnered at Revotech and Chris never looked back.

Now, as co-owner, Chris manages and evaluates technologies to ensure that Revotech’s resources and processes adhere to the latest industry best practices. His love of computers and electronics helps to keep him focused on researching new IT trends and tools to improve client success and profitability. This passion also helps to drive the vision for how technology is used at Revotech. Chris also manages IT budgets and creates timelines for the development and deployment of Revotech’s operations. His proactive approach to IT services has provided Revotech’s clients with a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Outside of work, Chris’ passions include craft beer, exploring the Vancouver food scene, and getting outside in the BC wilderness. On weekends, he battles with John for the title of Best Grillmaster in the Greater Vancouver area.

Ali Juma, Director and Sales & Marketing

Ali Juma joined Revotech in January 2021 as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Ali has an extensive background in the Information Technology industry. He started his career in the IT industry working as a Service Technician and gradually moved up to the rank of senior management. Ali has worked with many clients over the years to assist them with their IT infrastructure, migrating to Cloud Service, improving Network Security, managing Cyber Security challenges, and staying competitive with Digital Transformation. 

Ali prides himself in having a deep understanding of technology. He values, above all else,  making sure that there is clarity in any advice and recommendations that is provided to clients.

Katie O'Hearn, Office Administrator

If you access the Revotech Command Center, you will find Katie O’Hearn there orchestrating the daily workflow, scheduling projects, fielding customer inquiries, managing inventories and processing invoices all while mentally arranging an amazing charcuterie plate for an after five corporate debriefing. She enjoys directing the day’s traffic of management and technicians to insure that every Revotech project is properly prepped, executed, plated and served on time.

Katie welcomes the challenges and performance pressures that come with building a small business and loves working with family and close friends.  Her business degree from the University of South Alabama and culinary degree from the Northwest Culinary Academy in Vancouver pair perfectly with the broad range of tasks she manages and coordinates to deliver an impeccable experience for every Revotech client.