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No two companies are the same and that is what differentiates you from your competitors in the marketplace. We embrace this diversity in our services to you


The construction industry, especially in BC, is a highly agile, fast-paced and competitive industry. As someone in this industry, you are often dealing with not only your clients, but vendors, industry partners AND contractors.

Managing data integration, communication, and collaboration from these different silos and bringing it all together is an ongoing challenge and something that we work diligently at with our construction industry clients everyday.

We also have strong relationships with leading construction industry ERP vendors which has helped us understand the unique business needs of construction.

construction industry


Consultants are enablers who help their clients solve their most pressing challenges and issues. Consultants often work across a wide range of industries and use their methods and knowledge analyzing information and recommending the path forward for their client’s success.

Consultants need to provide a secure platform for access to client’s data and information systems in order to complete their analysis. They also need the tools and technologies to clearly articulate the vision to their clients.

Working closely with Consultants, we provide the robust and secure platforms to build successful practices for your business and for helping your clients.


The power users of the IT world are Engineers. They demand high performance systems that are capable of complex and technical analysis, graphics and simulations for developing the solutions that make our lives so much better.

IT systems for Engineering firms are a blend of sophisticated and powerful on-premise systems with a combination of cloud resources that provides security and data protection.

We work with Engineering firms to ensure that their complex systems needs are met and at the same time are secure and fully protected against breaches or failures due to technical issues.

architects consulting

Finance & Accounting

Organizations in the Finance and Accounting industries need access to client data and systems while at the same time ensuring confidentiality and protection of highly sensitive data.

The financial industry is often targeted more than any other market segment against cyber attacks for the obvious reasons that they present the potential of lucrative returns for the cyber criminal.

Our Managed Services bring a full suite of layered security and protection for the financial sector to ensure that they are in compliance with all regulatory requirements for data security and confidentiality.

Our approach to Cyber Security gives you the ability to showcase your best practices and confidence to your clients.

Manufacturing & Distribution

The Manufacturing, distribution and transportation industries are on the cusp of a technological revolution. The pandemic has had a significant shift in the market and these industries have successfully continued to adapt to the change in consumer behaviour and needs.

Systems integration, data conversion, automation, mobility, process and life-cycle management are but some of the business process that this industry deals with.

At Revotech, we support these industries at the foundation of their IT Infrastructure and provide expertise in ways that allow businesses in this industry to build the network and computing infrastructure for their applications and systems.



Nonprofit organizations are the foundation of a successful civil society and carry the burden of supporting the broader community beyond what the government can do for its citizens.

For these agencies, information technology is just as critical as any other segment but at the same time they are budget conscious entities that are dependent on support from the government, private sector, and the general public.

We understand the role that nonprofits play and the challenges they face. Privacy and connectivity go hand-in-hand with their contributions. We are supporting their business needs, while at the same time ensuring that they are able to take advantage of their stature as nonprofit. Cloud services, advanced cyber security, Microsoft 365 and collaboration are all tools and services that these organizations need more than ever to support and stay in touch with their services and at Revotech we are there with them every step of the way.

Real Estate

A vast regional industry that is heavily reliant on online services and communication with their clients. The real estate industry requires mobility, access to information at their fingertips and the ability to alter priorities as market shifts occur, competition comes in play and government regulations dictate.

Working with industries that are closely associated with real estate, such as construction, we have gained significant knowledge and understanding about what makes the Real Estate industry so successful in British Columbia. We are able to provide the secure platform that the real estate industry needs to manage their services, effectively communicate and stay in touch with their clients from anywhere and access data everywhere and on any platform.

real estate
small business

Small & Medium-size Businesses

According to the Statistics Canada’s 2019 Survey, 99.8% of businesses in BC are Small to Medium-size businesses (0 – 500 staff). Small businesses span across all industries.

With many small businesses, it’s tough to manage technology, the complexities, and the growth in an organized and controlled way. You need to focus on your business and not be inundated with tech issues.

Partnering with Revotech will give you the advantage you need to successfully focus on growing your business and let us do the heavy lifting of securing and managing your technology footprint. We provide the foundation you need to stay competitive in the marketplace and reach your true potential.

Our niche is providing the best customer support experience in the industry.

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