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Reliable IT outsourcing services for uncompromised business efficiency

Why choose Revotech Networks for IT outsourcing services in Vancouver?

  • Experience effortless IT issue resolution with our 10-minute average response time
  • Sleep easy knowing your data is secure with our advanced and proactive cybersecurity services
  • Unlock cost-efficiency and true ROI with our flat-rate services, no surprise invoices—your budget, respected
  • Maximize your business’ potential with our managed cloud services—proven to lower your costs by at least 20%
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) for a predictable, budget-friendly IT infrastructure

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Revotech Networks Ltd.

Vancouver IT Outsoucing Firm

1075 W Georgia St #2100, Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9, Canada
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Our Vancouver IT Outsourcing Services - Your Business Edge

Managed IT Services
Cloud Services
Cybersecurity Solutions
Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)
Network Services

Delivering Excellence, One Ticket at a Time

Never miss a beat in your business journey with our service package tailored for your business.

From mission-critical network monitoring to proactive issue resolution, be surprised by the ease and efficiency. Got a problem? Your solution is a quick call or click away.

Embrace the magic of peak system performance and efficiency.

Innovation in the Cloud, Grounded in Expertise

Let’s fly high with flexible, scalable, and secure cloud services.

Skyrocket your business potential with improved data accessibility and affordability. Fear of data loss? Rest easy, knowing your data is constantly protected and regularly backed up in the cloud.

Discover new heights of productivity with smart cloud solutions.

Your Business Fort, Secured by Experts

Stand strong in the face of cyber threats with comprehensive, robust cybersecurity solutions.

From antivirus to the firewall, we've got your digital fort fortified. Hesitant about data breaches? Wipe out that worry with our advanced encryption protocols and regular system patches.

It’s high time your peace of mind gets the priority it deserves.

Hardware Solutions, Budget-Friendly & Hassle-Free

Say goodbye to hefty upfront hardware costs with our innovative Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS).

Enjoy state-of-the-art IT equipment, fully managed and maintained for you. Cringe at the thought of hardware replacements and repairs? Make that a thing of the past with our all-inclusive, flat-rate HaaS.

Redefine your IT budgeting with HaaS.

Network Support, Powering Your Business Journey

Boost your connectivity, productivity, and business success with our efficient, reliable network services.

Experience ultra-smooth business operations, powered by our network support. Nervous about network downtime? Your network is always at its best with our proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Thrive on business efficiency, powered by network perfection.


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Vancouver IT Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing IT Services: Your Success, Our Pledge

Empower your business. Rely on Revotech’s cutting-edge IT outsourcing services in Vancouver.

Delve into the wizardry of IT optimization and align your business goals perfectly. Say goodbye to incompatible IT systems and rising IT costs.

With 12 years in business and a whopping 65 years of combined experience, unlocking growth and eliminating IT headaches is a daily ritual for us.

Let’s bring about transformative changes in your organization with our magical touch.

Cloud Services: Amplifying Efficiency, Minimizing Costs

Explore outsourced IT services that maximize your efficiency.

Tap into the potential of cloud infrastructure with us and cut down your costs by a notable 20%. Our meticulous management ensures optimum use of the cloud so you pay for just what you need.

As certified Microsoft Silver Partners, we specialize in Microsoft 365 and are committed to driving your success in the cloud realm.

Count on us to make the impossible, possible.

Vancouver IT Outsoucing Firm
Vancouver Computer Outsourcing Services

Our Outsourcing Technicians, Your Guardian IT Experts

Turn to us for the most reliable IT outsourcing in Vancouver.

Offering four tiers of IT support and backed by a 10-minute average response time, we are your steadfast protectors in the realm of IT. Should your challenges demand on-site technical support, we are ready.

With an impressive 99.8 CSAT score, we are here to ensure your IT system is as resilient as your ambition.


FAQs About our Vancouver IT Outsourcing Company

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 What can I expect from IT outsourcing with Revotech Networks?

Dive into an experience where your business goals and IT align seamlessly.

Enjoy complete end-to-end IT support, advanced cybersecurity, cloud services, and a reliable support team with an exceptional 10-minute response time.

Revotech is the trusted name for IT outsourcing in Vancouver.

 Is it possible to customize IT outsourcing services according to my business needs?

Absolutely! At Revotech, you call the shots.

You can customize your IT support package with granular support or choose from our managed service package options. We are all about making it work for you.

Can Revotech Networks help reduce my IT costs?

Yes, we can! Businesses typically reduce costs by around 20% when they switch to our cloud-based infrastructure.

Our strategic capacity management ensures optimum use of the cloud so you only pay for what you need.

Plus, our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model helps reduce upfront costs of hardware.

How responsive is Revotech Networks' IT support?

You'll love our quick, efficient support team.

We boast a 10-minute average response time and we are backed by a 99.8 CSAT score.

From remote to on-site support, we've got you covered.

What security measures does Revotech Networks provide for IT outsourcing services?

Security is our top priority. We provide advanced cybersecurity services, ensuring your IT infrastructure stays secure and resilient.

As a certified Microsoft Silver Partner, we follow ITIL standards and ensure everyone is HDI certified. We keep your business safe so you can focus on growing it.