Cloud Services for Vancouver Businesses

We take the cloudiness from the cloud so it is very clear for you.

Whether you are looking at moving resources to a public cloud or integrating applications with a private cloud, Revotech has the experience and skilled engineers who can work with you to achieve your objectives.

A tailored solution for your needs

Requirements and timelines for migration to the Cloud are unique to each organization’s needs, budgets and demand. Appreciating this and working with you is how we have successfully managed the migration to the Cloud with many of our clients. 

tailored cloud serivces
affordable cloud solutions

The affordable strategy

Migrating to the cloud is much more than a straight dollar-to-dollar comparison. One needs to consider all the factors of utilizing the cloud such as no longer managing legacy hardware, accessibility, hardened protection and security, increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs and much more. It is estimated that typically businesses reduce costs by around 20% or more by utilizing a cloud based infrastructure. 

Scalable and Secure

The beauty and elegance of the Cloud is the ease of scalability and a much hardened and secure platform. Your data and applications co-exist in the same place as that of a large enterprise company. You get a backing of the same hardened datacenter and scalability for expansion and growth.

At Revotech, we work closely with you on monitoring and managing the cloud environment. Our structure capacity management systems ensure the most effective use of the cloud without over utilization so you pay for only what you need.

We also monitor the cloud environment 24/7 and deploy a patch management strategy based on best practices.

scalable cloud services

An approach to cloud platforms with business continuity in mind

Moving to the cloud requires careful consideration and planning. Our team of subject matter experts have been helping clients with migration of their cloud for many years. We also take the approach that an IT environment must have the ability to continue functioning as much as possible in case of a disaster. 

As humans, we are born with limitations that cause us to make mistakes every once in a while. And at the same time there are forces of nature that we cannot fully control. A sound strategy is to make sure that you have backups and business continuity plans in place for the day that disaster strikes, whether it be an earthquake, a fire, a pandemic or even a simple as a water/gas leak causing you to evacuate your office and work remotely for a period of time.