Hardware as a Service for Vancouver Businesses

Why we offer HaaS

Almost any small to mid-sized business can benefit from using hardware as a service.

The Key Benefits of Haas

The benefits of HaaS are important especially if the business is new, or about to grow, and will need to expand their use of hardware. HaaS makes it easy to get a wide range of technological resources without requiring a large capital investment.


Low and manageable cost

Many small businesses turn to HaaS because it provides a significant opportunity to save money and manage your OPEX budget. Rather than paying the high cost of buying hardware up front, it can be amortised for a monthly fee over a period of time. That provides a more fixed-cost structure that is easy to budget for. It also allows businesses to add or subtract hardware from their IT infrastructure without having to make a long term investment in it.

Obsolescence is no longer your concern

When using a HaaS model, not only repair or replacement of broken hardware is included, but also timely upgrades to state-of-the-art technology. This eliminates a great deal of the buyer angst which so often accompanies IT purchases.

As someone once said, “You can’t expect to be successful in tomorrow’s business landscape using yesterday’s tools.” HaaS is a great way to stay current with state-of-the-art technology specific to your industry and business goals and needs. No longer will you feel compelled to “try to make things work …” with outdated technology because of cost constraints.


The right equipment for the right user

No two companies are the same and neither are the people who work in those companies. In the modern workplace, different users have different use for their equipment. Some need powerful workstations for CAD design, some users need durability and mobility and some users need just simple day-to-day computing.

A Haas Program allows for flexibility in making sure that the user needs are met to maximize productivity and business success.


Maintenance and Security is not your problem

Unlike with leasing hardware, with a HaaS model the IT support is included. With automatic maintenance you know your hardware is set up to run as smoothly as possible. All the latest patches have been installed, the virus protections have been updated and the system as a whole is being monitored by an expert at all times. This level of support is hard to find, even if you have an IT staff inside your company.

All the maintenance and updates that your hardware requires are handled by us. That means that you do not need to maintain an in-house IT support staff which saves you even more money and allows you to run a leaner and more focused business

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