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Avoid losing time and money to slowdowns with dependable managed services.

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Enhance Your Business Efficiency with Our Responsive IT Services in Vancouver

Drive business growth with secure and responsive managed IT services that eliminate recurring issues and downtime.

Why choose Revotech Networks as your IT services provider?

  • Prevent IT issues slowing you down with tech support backed by a 10-minute average response time
  • Get dependable ROI with customized packages that cover your unique It management needs
  • Enhance data protection with cybersecurity that catches and remediates issues to improve your security posture
  • Keep your costs under control with cost-effective flat rates and no locked-in contracts for our IT services.
  • Navigate through critical IT decisions with custom strategies, roadmaps and more from a seasoned vCIO

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Managed IT Services in Vancouver

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Managed IT Services

Foster growth with cost-effective, customized service packages that cover your IT needs and avoid locking you into long-term contracts.

Cloud Services

Enjoy a smooth transition to the cloud with expert-guided, seamless cloud migration and robust management services to pave the way for your success.


Secure your business against the latest threats and improve data protection with advanced cybersecurity, including email filtering, endpoint security, and more.

IT Support

Reclaim your workday with our responsive IT support that features a 10-minute average response time that ensures your business never misses a beat.

IT Helpdesk

Get fast and effective problem-solving at your fingertips with reliable helpdesk services always ready to tackle your IT issues as they arise.

Network Support

Build a more resilient network for your business with design, security, and expert NOC assistance that helps you improve uptime and avoid outages.

IT Consulting

Benefit from strategic insights and guidance from our vCIOs, who assist with critical IT decisions, performance management, and HR consulting.

Co-Managed IT

Manage your business confidently with trustworthy co-managed IT services that seamlessly complement your existing team.


Upgrade your hardware easily and save on operational costs with our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) that improves efficiency and flexibility.


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Why Revotech is a Leading IT Services Provider in Vancouver

7:49 Minutes
Average resolution time for all IT issues
12 Years
Providing unmatched managed IT services
Companies rely on our IT solutions

Clear, Predictable IT Management for Focused Business Growth

Our goal is to create an IT pipeline where everything is laid out up front with a fixed budget so there are no question or surprises down the road. That way you can focus on what you do best and we focus on managing your IT infrastructure.

Vancouver Managed IT Services Company

We will start by doing a full Network Assessment and Audit of your IT infrastructure.

That way we both know where you stand today with your IT infrastructure. From there we design the plan and the roadmap to make sure that the support structure is customized to your business needs and will address your business growth and strategies. Best off all, there is no cost or obligation to have the Assessment done. 

Our SLA Guarantees Quick Fixes to Your IT Problems

When there is a water leak in your house, you need a plumber NOW, not sometime next week. IT support is no different. When issues arise, they can have significant impact and may be an indication of a larger problem. Making sure your issues are addressed with a high degree of urgency is how our services are structured. And the sooner we get you fixed the less it costs us. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is what defines our commitment and promise to you.

Vancouver IT Managed Services Provider
Vancouver MSP

Crafting Long-Term IT Strategies Through Strong Business Relationships

We believe in relationships. As your Vancouver IT services provider, we are being entrusted by you to manage your computing infrastructure and we don’t take this privilege lightly. That’s why we believe that building a relationship and understanding your business needs are a critical pillar for us to provide you with the best-in-class service we pride ourselves for. We are not just interested in your IT challenges today, but want to work with you on a long-term strategy that helps you succeed.

Empowering Your Business with a Document-Driven IT Strategy

Documentation is a fundamental pillar in our IT managed strategy. And sharing that information with you is the approach we believe in. Documented knowledge of your environment is not only key to us being able to provide your business with the best service, but also the foundation from which all future planning can be done. We use a powerful knowledge base repository system and collaborate with you for full accountability and maximum IT efficiency.

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Say Goodbye to Downtime With Reliable Managed IT Services

Eliminate interruptions and boost productivity with our dependable IT services in Vancouver

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Managed Services in Vancouver

Vancouver Managed IT Services

Stop Losing Time and Money to Downtime With Our Reliable IT Services

Your tech can fail; when it does, it’s a crisis that can cost you $5,600 or more for every minute lost.

You need immediate help, not an automated response.

Our dedicated team provides 24/7 support that quickly resolves your issues so you can get back to work.

Don’t let service outages and downtime disrupt your workday. Enjoy total peace of mind with reliable support from a trusted IT partner.

Enhance Your Security Posture With Our Reliable IT Managed Services

Cyber threats and data breaches are unwelcome and can cost you $4.35 million or more.

Keep your digital assets out of harm’s way with advanced protection that improves your data defence with managed backups, encryption, and regular audits.

When disaster strikes, we help you maintain business continuity with robust data recovery plans that help you keep working uninterrupted.

Managed IT Services in Vancouver BC
Vancouver Managed IT Services

Align Your IT With Your Business Strategy With Help From an Experienced vCIO

Is developing an IT strategy a challenge? Navigate the tech landscape with strategic guidance from a seasoned Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

Your vCIO provides expert advice that helps you plan for the future while aligning your technology with your long-term business goals.

If you need help budgeting, your vCIO will ensure your spending supports your objectives, driving maximum value for your IT investments.

When you’re ready to make critical IT decisions, your vCIO will create a detailed roadmap, accelerating your success.

Simplify Hardware Management With Our Convenient Hardware-as-a-Service (Haas)

Has your IT hardware reached the end of its useful life? If so, our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) takes the hassle and confusion out of hardware management.

Stop relying on outdated devices and maximize your performance. HaaS ensures you’re equipped with the latest technology without the burden of ownership.

Keep your expenses under control by managing the lifecycle of your hardware with help from our team of experts.

Managed IT Services in Vancouver BC

FAQs About Our IT Services in Vancouver

What makes your managed IT services stand out?

Our managed services are adaptable, respond to your issues in under 10 minutes, and provide round-the-clock support when needed.

We work as an extension of your team, providing reliable support that anticipates your IT needs rather than just responding to them.

From 24/7 availability to advanced cybersecurity, we ensure your business’s IT operations are always running smoothly

How do your managed services protect my data?

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is a critical concern. You gain a full suite of digital protection services with our managed services.

Our cybersecurity solutions cover email filtering, endpoint security, and more, reducing the risk of data breaches and maintaining business continuity.

We help you stay ahead of threats so you can focus on your core business functions.

Can your IT services scale with my business?

Absolutely! Our managed services are designed to be flexible and adaptable, so you can scale them up or down based on your needs.

You’ll always have complete control over the managed services you receive from us with customizable packages that allow you to choose what’s most important to you.

What are the benefits of using managed IT services?

Managed IT services give you access to an entire team of IT professionals who provide 24/7/365 support.

You also get a strategic partner that drives your business performance, ensuring your tech aligns with your goals.

We’re committed to resolving IT issues and preventing them, which primes your business for growth.

Are your managed IT services cost-effective for small businesses?

Absolutely. Choosing managed IT services helps you minimize costs and optimize resources.

With Revotech, you get access to top-notch IT experts and cutting-edge technologies without the cost of an in-house IT department.

Plus, our predictable monthly pricing and no locked-in contracts mean no surprise expenses, helping you manage your budget better.