Vancouver Microsoft Office 365 Services

One big advantage of Microsoft 365 and email is that it gives you access to the same tools and collaboration technology that a large enterprise company has, even if you are a small business with a handful of users.

That’s a competitive advantage you cannot walk away from.

Collaboration, secure email and access from anywhere on any device are just the tip of the Microsoft 365 iceberg. Third party apps and ecosystem, integration with other business applications, Sharepoint, Meetings and compatibility with whatever systems your clients are using is what makes Microsoft 365 so powerful. And the best part is that Microsoft keeps improving and enhancing the platform while the ecosystem keeps growing.

collaboration with o365

Change how you run your business forever

As we struggle through the reality of a post-COVID world, how we conduct business and how we interact with each other has changed forever. #WHF and access to data from anywhere is crucial for success. Microsoft 365 has delivered on this promise and continues to build on a platform that allows you to be just as productive regardless of where and how you do your job.

Collaborate like never before

Collaboration is much more than the ability for several people to work on an Excel spreadsheet together. True collaboration is the ability to work on projects with multiple teams across multiple locations. Meet with the client for a project and then jump on a data analysis web meeting with another group, grab a sandwich and do a screenshare for training a new employee, upload marketing material to sharepoint and send the link to the ad agency, and make sure to not forget to pickup the present for your kid’s birthday on the way home.

collaboration with Microsoft 365

But how easy is it?

The basic concept and tools for Microsoft 365 may seem straightforward. However, configuring Microsoft 365, managing domains and migrating mailboxes and data are complex challenges that require the experience of someone who has done this before successfully.

And what about security and redundancy? Is the environment setup based on secure best practices? Is Multi-factor Authentication in place for secure login? What about backup of your data? And of course there is Sharepoint. A complex yet highly effective document management and collaboration platform that you rely on.

As your Managed Services partner, we work with Microsoft 365 everyday and have the tools and resources to configure, manage and monitor your environment in the Cloud.

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