A Guide to Managed IT Services Pricing

Managed IT Services Pricing

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Picture this: a symphony of cutting-edge technology, tailored solutions, and cost efficiency that will make your business soar to unprecedented heights – that’s managed IT services. 

Over 92% of G2000 companies use outsourced IT services to reduce operational costs and streamline their business processes. But how much do managed IT services cost?

In this blog, we dive into the exhilarating world of managed IT services pricing so that you’re prepared to allocate the right budget to your IT operations and find a pricing structure that meets your needs. 

Read on for:

  • What numbers you can expect to see on the managed IT services price list 
  • Managed IT services ROI calculator 
  • Tips on optimizing your managed IT costs 
  • And more 

Managed IT Pricing: What You Need to Know 

Businesses have come to realize today that harnessing the potential of technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity for survival and growth. 

With the ever-increasing complexities of IT infrastructure, data security threats, and the need for seamless operations, organizations across industries are turning to managed IT services like never before. This is apparent through the managed IT services market growth rate of 19.8%.

Common services you can expect to see on the managed IT services price list include:

But how much do managed IT services cost? This price ranges anywhere from a few hundred to few thousand dollars per month – with a small business survey by Software Advice reporting that tech service purchasers spent an average of $119,749 on services in the past 18 months.

Let’s take a look at some of the common pricing structures influencing your managed IT costs.

Managed IT Services Pricing Models: Which Is Your Best Option?

Exactly how much you can expect to pay for your managed IT services rates is completely dependant on the unique needs and size of your business, but managed IT pricing typically falls into the following categories:

  1. Break fix/a-la-carte
  2. Fixed fee user per-month
  3. Per device pricing 
  4. And more  

The fixed fee user per month managed IT pricing model offers a predictable cost structure, allowing you to allocate your IT budget with a recurring monthly fee. 

On the other hand, pay-as-you-go models provide flexibility, enabling you to pay for the services you require on an hourly rate, scaling up or down as needed. This dynamic managed IT services rates model ensures that you can tailor your IT services to match your unique requirements, all while optimizing your budgetary needs. 

Managed IT Services ROI Calculator

Get full cost transparency and predict your IT costs upfront with this managed IT services ROI calculator that helps you calculate the return on investment of your managed services.

It’s a straightforward equation that sheds light on the financial benefits you can reap from your investment:

ROI = (Net Profit – Cost of Managed IT Services) / Cost of Managed IT Services * 100

Here’s how the managed IT services calculator equation works: We start by subtracting the cost of your managed IT services from your net profit, which represents the total revenue generated by your business. 

Next, we divide this difference by the cost of our services, and finally, multiply the result by 100 to express the ROI as a percentage. 

This managed IT services calculator serves as a powerful tool to assess the value and financial impact that managed IT services can bring to your organization. By calculating the ROI, you gain insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your investment, helping you make informed decisions about allocating resources and maximizing your returns.

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