10 Types of IT Managed Services and Their Importance

Types of Managed Services

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Managed service providers (MSPs) excel at handling various daily IT tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your main business activities. But, if you only use your MSP for these basic services, you’re not making the most of what they offer. There’s a whole array of managed services out there that every business ought to take advantage of.

Managed IT services offer a strategic partnership, enabling companies to not only safeguard their assets but also drive innovation and efficiency across operations. 
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Managed services cover a wide range of offerings, but it’s key to remember that not every managed service provider will provide every type of service. Knowing your options is vital when selecting the best MSP for your requirements.

In this article, we’ll highlight 10 valuable types of managed IT services. Armed with this information, you can make a more informed choice about your business needs, ultimately leading to a more suitable partnership.

10 Types of Managed IT Services You Should Consider for Your Business

1. Day-to-Day IT Management

Day-to-day IT Management ensures the smooth operation of your company’s technology infrastructure daily. Providers handle routine tasks such as system updates, troubleshooting issues as they arise, and managed print services. This continuous oversight allows your business to run efficiently, with minimal disruptions, while you focus on strategic initiatives.

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2. Cyber Security Services

Managed security services provide a structured way to handle your company’s IT and network security requirements. These services use sophisticated tools and expertise to monitor, identify, and deal with security threats in real time, offering a more effective solution than traditional, reactive strategies.

Choosing managed security services from an MSP also means gaining access to specialized knowledge and resources that could be difficult to build on. That said, make sure your partner offers firewall solutions, data backups, reporting, and data analytics for comprehensive coverage.

3. Managed Cloud Services

Managing cloud computing services can change how you work with your cloud infrastructure. External cloud specialists provide expert insights on maximizing resources to meet your business objectives.

This collaboration gives you access to the latest cloud technology and the best practices in the industry, all without requiring you to have this expertise internally. You can concentrate on expanding your business while the professionals manage the intricacies of cloud administration.

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4. Computer, Server and IT Support

In today’s environment, 82% of customers anticipate solving complex IT issues through a single point of contact, so having a unified support desk is crucial. A managed service provider can offer you this kind of centralized support.

A managed IT support team has the tools and skills to handle customer questions effectively. By having them manage your calls, you can boost customer satisfaction and demonstrate your dedication to maintaining high service standards.

5. Network Support and Maintenance

Implementing round-the-clock network monitoring and management is an excellent strategy to minimize network downtime and enhance security. Managed network services monitor your network’s activity and quickly respond to suspicious signs.

However, it’s important to remember that 43% of major network outages are due to power failures, not necessarily suspicious activity or malware. Therefore, choosing an MSP specializing in structured cabling services is crucial. These providers can help mitigate the risk of power failures by designing and installing your cabling infrastructure in a way that lessens this threat.

6. Backup and Disaster Recovery

A customized disaster recovery plan is key to your business’s ability to bounce back. This type of planning reduces the impact of unexpected events by minimizing downtime and data loss. 

However, a strategy that’s not well-thought-out is ineffective. That’s where experts from an MSP come in handy, helping to tailor your disaster recovery plan to meet your specific requirements perfectly.

Additionally, relying on an MSP for regular data backups can reassure you. Knowing that your essential data is safely backed up and can be swiftly recovered when necessary provides a sense of security.

7. Managed Communication Services

Managed communication services guarantee that businesses have dependable and effective tools for communication, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), unified communications, and video conferencing systems.

8. Managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

MSPs can handle the deployment, management, and maintenance of software applications for a company. They ensure these applications are consistently updated, secure, and performing at their best.

9. Compliance and Risk Management

Businesses gain from having an expert resource to assist with compliance with different regulatory standards and managing risks tied to their IT landscape. Providers conduct compliance audits and risk evaluations and provide suggestions to make sure businesses adhere to the necessary regulatory requirements.

10. IT Assessment and Strategy

IT assessments and strategy formulation entail reviewing a company’s existing IT setup and offering strategic advice for enhancements. This process involves evaluating how effective the current IT strategies are and ensuring they align with the business’s objectives.

Service TypeDescriptionReal-World Use Case
Day-to-Day IT ManagementHandles routine IT tasks like system updates and troubleshooting.Reduces downtime, allowing focus on strategic initiatives.
Cyber Security ServicesProvides comprehensive IT and network security monitoring and management.Enhances data protection against cyber threats.
Managed Cloud ServicesManages cloud infrastructure, optimizing resources for business objectives.Access to latest technology without needing in-house expertise.
Computer, Server, and IT SupportOffers centralized support for IT issues to improve customer satisfaction.Quick resolution of IT issues enhances operational efficiency.
Network Support and MaintenanceMonitors and manages network activity to reduce downtime and enhance security.Minimizes network outages and security risks.
Backup and Disaster RecoveryDevelops tailored disaster recovery plans and regular data backups.Ensures business continuity and data safety in emergencies.
Managed Communication ServicesEnsures reliable communication tools like VoIP and video conferencing.Improves internal and external communication efficiency.
Managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)Manages deployment and maintenance of software applications.Keeps applications updated and secure without manual intervention.
Compliance and Risk ManagementHelps businesses meet regulatory standards and manage IT-related risks.Reduces legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance.
IT Assessment and StrategyReviews and advises on IT setup and strategic improvements.Aligns IT infrastructure with business goals for better efficiency.

SLAs Are Essential for All Types of Managed Services

Managed IT services typically come with support services, designed to quickly resolve any IT challenges. Service level agreements (SLAs) promise quality and dependability for these services, giving businesses confidence.

Besides the rapid handling of IT problems, SLAs establish precise expectations for how quickly issues will be addressed and the approach to solving them, minimizing business interruptions.

Moreover, these agreements usually feature periodic performance evaluations and updates, encouraging ongoing enhancement and adjustment of IT services to align with changing business requirements.

Make Technology an Impactful Part of Your Business

Every managed IT service offers unique benefits, and choosing the right combination can significantly impact your business’s success. These services provide cost savings and ensure your IT infrastructure is modern, secure, and running at its best.

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